What if Slippage occurs?

1 min. readlast update: 03.26.2024

Although our Broker has an extremely good depth of market on most of its offered pairs/markets, some exceptions are entirely handled by the Broker, and FXCI has no control over the depth of market, broker pricing, or ANY broker-related services. Please make sure you are aware of how slippage works and how it can impact your trading.    

Here are our tips to minimize slippage:

  • Trade highly liquid markets: choose markets with lots of buyers and sellers (like major forex pairs), ensuring ample volume to fill your orders quickly.
  • Avoid volatile periods: avoid trading during major news announcements or highly volatile market conditions when prices can swing rapidly.
  • Limit orders: instead of market orders (which fill at the best price available), use limit orders to specify the maximum price you'll pay if buying or the minimum if selling. This guarantees your execution price.
  • Good connectivity: ensure you have a stable, fast internet connection to minimize delays in order placement.
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